Welcome to Rocket’s Canine Cookies



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Rocket's Canine Cookies

Full time mom and aspiring entrepreneur. Working on my homegrown business making dogs and cats happy with my homemade dog and cat treats.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Rocket’s Canine Cookies”

  1. Im a friend of Sues and she had given me a bag of your cookies. I have to say that my yorkie, Max, loved them, They were the perfect size for him and not too thick as some are. he is older and his teeth are sensitive so these were perfect all the way around. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Sue dropped off some samples of your treats and I have to say that Jasper loved them all ! Thank you for the samples. I think you have a hit !


  3. Daisy loves the cookies! I will definitely be getting more and will let you know when I would like to place an order!


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